YouTube will borrow a feature from TikTok, 'For You' page is coming

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When you hear of a For You page, the first app that comes to mind might be TikTok, but YouTube is joining the trend. Team YouTube took to their X page to share details on this new navigation section that is coming to the platform soon. From the announcement, it becomes clear to netizens that creators already have access to this feature ahead of its global roll-out.

Creators can now head over to their settings and activate the For You page for their usage ahead of its roll-out. The controls of the coming feature are accessible under the “recommendation for your viewers” section on the settings page. From here, creators can determine which type of their videos should be made available for users in the coming For You section.

They can also push out their more recent content to viewers, or settle down and let YouTube do the selection. If you are a YouTube creator, you can head over to the YouTube Studio platform and play around with this new feature. Viewers will get access to this feature on the regular YouTube app on the 20th of this month, which is only a few days away.

Creators can now play around with the YouTube For You page ahead of its global debut

About a day ago, Google announced that it will be rolling out a For You page for its users. This new feature is coming with some TikTok vibes, as the For You page section is more popular on the video sharing app. YouTube not only intends to roll out this new section to their platform, but it’ll also function like that on TikTok.

Now, this isn’t a bad thing, but instead will help users access content that appeals to them more freely. It takes into consideration the type of videos or the channels that users enjoy watching. With this it then pushes similar videos or more content from the viewers’ favorite channels to the For You page.

Google’s YouTube has been testing this feature for months, so it isn’t one of those half-baked features. Now creators can access and play around with this feature on their creator platform ahead of its launch. This will help them to get more familiar with the feature, so they can better put it to use once viewers get the feature on the 20th of this month.

Creators hoping to access this feature can do so from the YouTube Studio setting page. Under the settings page, they should look for the customize option and then navigate to layout. From here they can access the Recommendation for your viewers section where they can edit the type of their content they want users to view on their For You page.

Creators can also turn off the For You page if they want to from the settings page as well. Users should prepare for the arrival of this TikTok-ish feature on the YouTube platform. The For You page section will roll out to regular viewers on the 20th of this month via an update.