YouTube may use AI to make the comment section less hectic

YouTube comment sections can be hectic, especially those from creators with a million+ subscribers. If you like looking through the comment section of videos, the platform is testing a new feature that might make it less hectic. According to a new report, YouTube is testing a feature that will use AI to organize the comments.

If you’re watching a video with hundreds of thousands of comments, then good luck looking through all of them. You’re likely to wade through tons of nonsensical comments and scams before you see anything worth reading. This only gets worse the bigger the creator is. So, anything that can make reading the comments better is always appreciated.

YouTube will use AI to make the comments less hectic

The company is now testing this feature, but you’ll need to be a premium subscriber to try it out. It’s part of YouTube’s program that lets premium users try out new and experimental features before they launch. If you want to try it out, go to When you do, you’ll see the list of available experiments to try out.

When you activate the feature, you’ll see it on a limited number of videos in English. One video you can try this feature on is the MrBeast video titled “7 Days Stranded at Sea” In the screenshot below, we see a new chip between Top and Newest called Topics. 

You’ll see all of the comments organized into categories by their content. In the screenshot, you’ll see that the top group will house all of the comments from people who love Bryan the Bird. The next section has comments from people who think that Lazybeam should be in more videos. Lastly, the final section has comments from people saying “No submarine”.

This is a good way to search through the comment section and only look through the comments that you want to see. As you can see, if you don’t like this feature, you can select one of the other chips.

What’s neat about this feature is that YouTube won’t show all of the comments.  The feature will exclude comments still pending review, unpublished comments, unpublished comments, and comments with flagged words.

There’s another AI tool coming

YouTube is also experimenting with another AI tool that could help you get the gist of the video you’re watching. When you’re watching a video, you’ll see a text field that will let you ask questions about the video. The tool will use generative AI to answer your question.

The LLM you’re talking to is actually trained on that video, so it will have access to a ton of information about it. So, it should answer just about any question you ask it. This could be a great tool to have to summarize longer videos.

Right now, these experiments are very limited. Both tools are only available for a select number of videos, and the second tool is only available for certain users. at the moment. They will be available to more people over the coming weeks.