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YouTube creators get pause comments feature

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YouTube is rolling out a new comment moderation feature for creators called Pause. This new feature allows creators to prevent the creation of new comments at the video level, while preserving comments that were already published.

Previously, YouTube only allowed the creators to hold comments for review before publishing them or to disable comments from their channels entirely. Now, creators will get more flexibility and a break from managing comments if they become overwhelming without having to turn them off completely.

YouTube pause comments feature

To pause comments for a video creator, they just need to go to the video-level comments setting and choose ‘Pause’, and the viewers will get a notification in the comment section as ‘comments are paused’.

Additionally, YouTube has also simplified the organization and naming of certain comment settings to make it easier for creators to use comment moderation tools. With the new update, comment settings show only three simplified options: On, Pause, and Off with the functions mentioned below:

  • On, with optional comment moderation settings: None: Don’t hold any comments for review before publishing them; Basic: Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review; Strict: Hold a broader range of potentially inappropriate comments for review; Hold All: Hold all comments for review.
  • Pause: pauses the comments of a video.
  • Off: completely turns off the comments section.

From today on, creators can make use of this new comment moderation feature.