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You’re Slowly Killing Yourself As A Man If You Still Do Any Of These 5 Things (Photos)

Last updated on January 11, 2021

You’re Slowly Killing Yourself As A Man If You Still Do Any Of These Fun Filled But Crazy Things.

Many things happening around are no longer new to us. Its very evident that the world is vast changing and so are people in the world. Nobody needs to be told the right way to live their lives. This life we are in has no duplicate or photocopy and as such we should be very careful on how we endanger our lives everyday.


Men these days die because of what they committed with their own hands. Some risky activities they do now poses great threat to their lives and that of their family. While doing all these they are still warned about the health implications but many seem adamant about it until it is too late.


In some cases, the men are not aware of how these bad habits affects their life faster than they can imagine. That is why this article is written to educate them more on the harms these bad ways poses on their health. First of all, I will talk about the most common bad habits that most men do and ways it affects them.


1. Smoking Cigarettes And Weed

The warnings on smokers are liable to die young is boldly written on the pack of a cigarette product but still yet the rate of consumption is high. It has even been taken to the extent of adding weed and other harmful drugs to it. It seems no one is worried about their lives anymore. Smoking destroys many organs in the body system, such as liver, kidney, lungs and heart. It is the major cause of liver cancer and should be avoided to keep a good health.


2. High Consumption Of Alcoholic Drinks

Taking a large percentage of alcohol into the body system poses great danger to the body. It also contributes to the damage of organs in the body especially the liver. This should be avoided.


3. Gambling

Quick and easy way to get money is always fun but comes with lots of implications. It is a game you can easily get addicted to and spend all your time and money on. Living a life of gambling is a reckless way to live and can danger your life greatly.


4. High Intake Of Sugar

Large intake of sugar is also one of the bad habits that affects our health. Taking lots of sugar especially at an early age kills slowly. It could results to diabetes and also cause tooth aches and decay.


5. Unnecessary Spending

This is also one problem that affects the youth of nowadays. They tend to spend a lot on things which are not profitable. For example, investing on a business without profit. The major cause of unnecessary spending now is on women. Most men spend their income on women who they are not even married to all because of fun. It may not affect them now but will surely have regrets later on.


Finally, All these bad habits can be stopped. You can choose to refer to them as a way of catching fun and living a crazy life but the dancers of all this will surface at the later stages of life. Please adhere to the warnings made by the government on the safety protocols to personal health.

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