You should not install Wrapped for Instagram

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Spotify’s Wrapped has become a popular year-end tradition, providing users with insights into their listening habits. Inspired by this, an app called Wrapped for Instagram has recently been making the news, claiming to offer detailed statistics about your Instagram usage throughout the year. However, according to multiple reports on Reddit, there is something fishy about the app.

What’s going on?

Released recently on the App Store, Wrapped for Instagram claims to provide users with statistics such as the number of hours spent on Instagram in the year, top online friends, accounts that blocked you, and more. However, the first red flag comes in when the app requests users to input their Instagram credentials in order to display the statistics.

Moreover, the accuracy of these stats is highly questionable, considering several users have reported seeing significantly exaggerated usage times compared to their actual screen time. This inconsistency, coupled with the ever-changing statistics upon each login, raises doubts about the app’s reliability.

Furthermore, the fact that many users have experienced unexpected logouts from their Instagram after giving the app account access raises some serious concerns that it could be used by threat actors to gain unauthorized access to user accounts.

Questionable developer

Unlike Spotify, TikTok, and Apple Music, which officially offer their own wrapped summaries, Meta does not own the Wrapped for Instagram app. Instead, a company called Wrapped Labs LLC owns the app, which apparently has no online presence, and its provided website link leads to a non-functioning URL.

Additionally, the app’s privacy policy, available only on a Notion page, states that it uses third-party services that collect user data for identification. And although the company claims that it safeguards personal information, there is no clear evidence to back this claim.

Furthermore, in a statement to Digital Trends, a Meta spokesperson stated, “This app violates our terms, and we’ve asked Apple to remove it from the App Store.”

As a result, users should avoid installing Wrapped for Instagram at any cost. Additionally, it is generally advisable to exercise caution when granting third-party apps access to social media accounts to protect privacy and security.