You should buy Samsung's Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra this Christmas

Are you stumped on what to get the techie on your Christmas list this year? We’ve got you covered. A product that every techie would want this Christmas is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. It’s pretty expensive, but it is the best tablet on the market today. In fact, it won our Best Tablet of 2023 award.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra starts at $1,199. However, right now, you can trade in your tablet, smartphone, or watch and get up to $700 in trade-in credit. Of course, you can’t get $700 off for trading in a smartwatch, but you get the idea. If you can get the complete $700 off, that makes this a $500 tablet, and that is an absolute steal.

Samsung does offer three different variants of the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. This includes the base model, which has 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. There is a 12GB/512GB model and a 16GB/1TB model that tops out at $1,619. We would recommend the base model unless you’re looking to make this your new laptop. Then you might want a bit more storage. Remember, there’s no micro SD card slot available here.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra AM AH 8Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra AM AH 8

Samsung’s OLED display will blow your mind

Samsung has equipped the entire Galaxy Tab S9 lineup with OLED displays this year – previously, it was only available on the “Ultra” model. And it’s an incredible experience. I’ve been using the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra since it debuted in July, and I love it.

My use case mostly involves watching videos. I use it a ton to watch The Rookie on Hulu or Bar Rescue on Paramount Plus. And both of those shows look incredible on this OLED display. Not to mention videos from YouTubers like Casey Neistat and MKBHD.

But you can also use this tablet to get some work done. Keep in mind that it is a 14.6-inch display. Technically, it is larger than my MacBook Pro (M3 Pro). So I do use it from time to time to get some work done, send some emails, write some reviews for AndroidHeadlines, and such.

Speaking of work, DeX is included in the Galaxy Tab S9 series, and it’s an incredible experience. It essentially gives you a desktop-like mode, where you can have various apps open in pop-up window mode. A lot like what you’d get on a Windows PC or a Mac. Add in the included S Pen, and it becomes a productivity powerhouse.

The only downside to the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is that it is such a large tablet. It’s a 14.6-inch tablet that is also incredibly thin. Making it pretty uncomfortable to hold, as I mentioned in my review in August. If you want to buy this particular tablet, it’s going to be best that you use it on a table or with a keyboard case instead of holding it and browsing on the couch.

I would recommend getting the Samsung Book Cover Keyboard Slim for the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, which includes a pretty good keyboard. I’ve been using this one in particular for a few months. If you want something more versatile, the Book Cover Keyboard is a great option. The tablet can detach from the keyboard and still provide you with a kickstand. It’s quite pricey, though, at $349.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra AM AH 7Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra AM AH 7

Which Galaxy Tab S9 should you buy?

Samsung does offer three versions of the Galaxy Tab S9. There is the Galaxy Tab S9, S9 Plus and S9 Ultra. The major difference between the three is going to be the size of the display and, of course, the battery. On the Galaxy Tab S9, Samsung offers a 8GB/128GB model, which allows it to come in at $799. While the Galaxy Tab S9 Plus is available in 12GB/256GB and a 12GB/512GB model, and the Plus starts at $999.

All three of these include the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy processor, with the S Pen included.

Samsung has also debuted the Galaxy Tab S9 FE earlier this fall. These are essentially cheaper models with lower-end processors and screens. If you can afford it, we’d recommend the regular Galaxy Tab S9 over the Galaxy Tab S9 FE. The experience greatly varies between the two lines.

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