“You people should gerrout” — Skepta replies fan who trolled Wizkid for getting neck tattoo similar to his

skepta wizkid tattoo

Skepta, a Nigerian rapper born in the United Kingdom, has responded to a fan who tried to tease Wizkid for getting a new neck tattoo similar to the one he has.

Wizkid just got a new neck tattoo, which was confirmed after he went to the club with his tattoo artist to celebrate the new artwork.

In an attempt to criticise Wizkid, a Twitter user, @yemioftheworld, shared side-by-side photographs of him and Skepta, alleging that Wizkid “copied” Skepta as inspiration for his neck tattoo.

Skepta, the Nigerian musician’s close friend, instantly called the fan out, asking if no one else has the right to have a tattoo because he had one.

In his own words;

“So because I get tattoo for neck, nobody else should catch am? You people should gerrout forreal, you are bored and it’s showing.”

“Bad Energy Stay Faaar Away 🤲🏿”

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Some reactions below

@GucciStarBoi said: “Chaii e pain me as you reply that bushrat but its atimes needed.”

@compzard noticed: “Since you started hanging out with odumodu, you’ve been tweeting a lot. What’s going on? 😂”

@Bigmozel reacted: “Skepta say make una gerrout 😂😂😂”

@fadererah_ added: “It’s annoying.
He needs to get a job”