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‘You Are Not Positively Impacting On Society; Marlians May Applaud Your Songs & Lifestyle But You Are Misleading Them’ – Naira Marley Told

Nigerian musician, Azeez Fashola who is widely known as Naira Marley has been told that he is misleading his followers.

This was made known by a Nigerian social media users on Twitter who stated that the musician is not positively impacting on the society.

….. he made reads;

“Naira Marley u are n¤t positively impacting on society; Marlians may applaud ur songs & lifestyle cos !mmorality seems to be the normal but u are de!iberately m!sleading ’em. There’s a lot u can do to make the world a better place but u choose n¤t t¤; Better urself & live right.”

….. has called for some replies from fans and followers of Naira Marley who have heavily descended on the social media user. Read some of the reactions below;

@Softwearz – Funny enough, the more we like and replies under his comment the more we’re making him famous and shooting him on top of every tweet. Just a reminder for those asking how he always does that?

@Bin_ismail_ – I might agree to you on this one but also their is more you can do in this world by minding your business on How people shld live their life and focus on your own life,that is something the world will appreciate but you choose not to; better urself and stop judging the society..

@Bhoy___David – With all this type thing wey you type, it actually shows your account balance cause nah person wey no get money dea think like this…

@chis_empire – He is actually right. Oga. Evil is now normalized in today’s world and people like you will arrogantly criticize others for being different and doing the right thing. You REST

@Promise71017608 – You keep talking abt impactation, hbt you
What have you done to impact positively to d society?

@AtlantaFile – I respect Raised fist him b4 but right now I’m disappointed they way he’s promoting immorality in the society and the way children are practicing his lifestyle is making some of them even disrespect their families at home House building Bro please try to create a better relationship with D nation



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