Yhemolee files N200M lawsuit against Lil Frosh over alleged assault

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Yhemolee, a Nigerian socialite, has filed a lawsuit against up-and-coming singer Lil Frosh, seeking N200 million in damages.

This legal action comes after Lil Frosh accused Yhemolee of assaulting him during a recent event.

Lil Frosh took to Instagram to share his side of the story, claiming that he had an unexpected encounter with Yhemolee, who allegedly slapped him without warning.

The ex-DMW Records signee expressed his displeasure, emphasizing that he had done nothing to merit such an attack and that he did not even know Yhemolee.


When Lil Frosh posted on social media, he held Yhemolee responsible for any potential harm that might come his way.

This prompted a flurry of anonymous death threats directed at Yhemolee.

Yhemolee has now filed a lawsuit against Lil Frosh, seeking N200 million in damages in response to these serious allegations.

Yhemolee clarified in a statement attached to a letter from his lawyer that he has received multiple death threats as a result of the singer’s false accusations.

Yhemolee claims he is completely innocent of all the charges brought against him by Lil Frosh.

In the words of Yhemolee;

The past few days has been a whole lot as I have been falsely accused continuously by @lhilfroshgram which has led me to get multiple death threats from random people, my timeline has been a mess for over 72hrs for something I’m clearly innocent of.

“This is a pre-action notice to @lhilfroshgram. Attached letter from my lawyer is for your attention. #saynotobllying #saynotocltchasing less.”

The actor shared a statement from his lawyer, emphasizing his innocence and expressing the detrimental impact the accusations have had on his personal and professional life.

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