X is testing new game streaming & live shopping features

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When Elon Musk first announced plans for X to become the “everything app” a few months back, many speculated that the platform would eventually incorporate features from apps like Twitch. Now, in line with these efforts, X has reportedly started testing new features, including game streaming and live shopping.

According to X engineer Mark Kalman, the game streaming feature will allow X Premium users to connect Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to X Media Studio, enabling them to set up game streaming directly from their accounts. In a demo showcasing the feature, Elon Musk played Diablo IV for 54 minutes using a new account with the handle @cyb3rgam3r420.

“This is not bad for a little test. It’s currently way too hard to do this. It took like hours to set this up, so we need to make it just effortless. You can talk directly to your subscribers and have a cool kind of discussion among people who subscribe to you, like you, or whatever,” said Musk.

However, despite the impressive quality, the new feature lacks some creator-centric functionalities present on other platforms. While Elon Musk has promised pay rates similar to YouTube for videos, there are also issues with the company’s infrastructure due to a recent massive round of layoffs, which included engineers from the reliability department. This was evident in a live chat between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Musk, which faced a slew of streaming issues.

New live shopping

In an effort to further entice users and boost engagement numbers, X has partnered with Paris Hilton’s 11:11 Media company to produce four original video content programs annually, integrating live-shopping features. Moreover, Hilton will also become the launch partner for X’s upcoming consumer products and services.

“I’m excited to announce an official partnership with X today. Together, we’re going to be exploring new ways to connect with all of you across video, live video, live shopping and even Spaces. And we’re just getting started. Loves it,” said Paris Hilton.