X app for large displays starts rolling out to Pixel Fold & tablet

A tweaked X app for large displays is now rolling out to the Google Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet. The app has not been completely revamped to fit large displays, but this is definitely better than having no change at all.

The Google Pixel Fold & Pixel Tablet are getting new X app optimized for large displays

Instead of having a really ugly, stretched-out interface with black boxes on the sides, the app now makes use of the full width of the display, without stretching the content. You can see how it looks below.

X app large displays 1X app large displays 1

So, you’ll basically be getting the same layout as on smartphones, as far as the main feed is concerned, at least. The bottom bar is now spread out from one side of the screen to the other. The same goes for the top bar too.

Now, the change is rolling out to Google’s devices, but they should technically become available on other, similar devices. So, the OPPO Find N and Find N2 also have more of a horizontal layout when unfolded, so this change is expected to become available for those devices too. That’s just an example.

This change should also be visible on other, similar devices… soon, if not already

That also goes for Android tablets in general, the moment you flip them to landscape mode. We’re not sure when will it be visible on those devices, though. If you do have a non-Pixel Android tablet, do try it when you get the X v10.18.0 app.

That being said, let’s hope X will improve upon this offering moving forward. It would be nice to see a proper tablet app on both foldables and tablets. An app that would adapt nicely to all foldables, not just landscape-oriented ones.

The X app doesn’t exactly look great on the Galaxy Z Fold series, and other foldable devices that have a square-ish screen when unfolded. They simply get a stretched-out version of the regular app.

It would be nice to see a complete revamp of X for large-screen devices. So, let’s hope that is coming at some point down the road.