Will use N90m to sue – Mr Eazi says, calls out producer who duped him of N4.5m

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Oluwatosin Ajibade, better known as Mr Eazi, a Nigerian singer, has disclosed that a music producer refused to respect a business arrangement after receiving cash.

The ‘Leg Over’ singer said that he paid the (unnamed) producer $5,000 to create a song for him, but that after sending the payment, he forgot to submit the stems.

Stems are stereo recordings derived from mixes of multiple individual tracks, such as drums, vocals, and bass, in music.

According to the 32-year-old musician, who just married actress and billionaire’s daughter Temi Otedola, the song in question will appear on his upcoming album, The Evil Genius.

Mr Eazi posted his tale on Twitter, hoping that the $5000 he lost might improve the life of the producer who vanished with it.

He did, however, say that if he gets “bored,” he would consider suing the person for 100,000.

Mr Eazi wrote;

“There is a producer I paid $5000 to produce a song that was meant to be on my album and he never sent the stems lol I hope that 5k changed his life #TheEvilGenius 🏹 but the day I get bored I will spend 100k to sue ur ass.”