“Why would you even be mad at another person’s marriage” – Doyin tackles Nigerians criticizing Mitchel Ihueze for marrying a wealthy man

miitchel doyin bbnaija

Doyin, the BBnaija star, has slammed those who have criticised current Miss Universe Nigeria, Mitchel Ihueze, for marrying a 54-year-old billionaire.

According to GISTLOVERl, the beauty queen is set to marry her 54-year-old billionaire lover, Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu.

The billionaire is the CEO of SNECOU Group Limited and a former APGA lawmaker in Nigeria.

Following the news of her marriage, Mitchel Ihueze was heavily criticised by some netizens for marrying a man more than twice her age.

Doyin responded by revealing the two types of people who are offended when a woman marries a wealthy man.

The first category includes women who aspire to be like her but are unable to find a wealthy man.

The second category includes men who are still struggling to make ends meet because their egos have been crushed since they can’t find a woman like her.

She went on to say that believing a woman must marry a poor man to prove true love is a shallow way of thinking.

Doyin was perplexed as to why anyone would be upset about another person’s marriage.


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