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Why TB Joshua’s Ghost Will Not Rest If Buried In Foreign Land — Ajulo

Dr. Kayode Ajulo disclosed that it was the wish of the late TB Joshua to complete his University project in his hometown where he’ll reside as a guru. He explained that TB Joshua loved him home town with all of his heart and his spirit would not feel at ease if he is buried elsewhere.

In his words: “Joshua deserved a peaceful rest at home in Akoko land and in Arigidi Akoko of Ondo State to be precise because. He loved Akokoland wholeheartedly, he always wanted the best for them.

“We had many reasons and fora where we met and held discussions about poverty alleviation and I can reveal to you today that virtually all our discussion were about the Akoko land particularly, then we sometimes mentioned how life could be better for the people living in Ondo State, especially when we were to review the happenings in the country generally.

“I still keep wondering why we have been opportune to discuss over many years and not a time have we ever discussed the issue of religion. I want to urge his immediate family and especially those saddled with the responsibility of planning his funeral programme to consider his passion for his roots and make sure that his body be returned to Akoko land, and Arigidi Akoko to be precise, or else TB Joshua will be turning in his grave in Lagos or any other place he is laid to rest until he is taken back home.

“He desired to spend the rest of his life in Akokoland, precisely Arigidi, he shared his dream of a big internationally acclaimed university where he’ll reside as a guru.”



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