Why I Gave Davido on Of My Best Songs ‘Blow My Mind’ – Wurld

Wurld davido

Wurld, a Nigerian singer-songwriter, recently revealed why he chose to gift his song ‘Blow My Mind’ to famous Nigerian artist Davido.

He claimed to have created the song “blow my mind,” which was released in 2019 by American R&B musician Chris Brown and Davido.

He mentioned this in a recent interview with Ghana’s 3Music TV.

Wurld noted that during the track’s early development, he couldn’t envision a good application for it. Recognizing the song’s potential, he selflessly gave it to Davido, believing it would find a great home with the Afrobeat sensation.

He said:

“It [giving ‘Blow My Mind’ to Davido] wasn’t planned. I was in Lagos promoting my project, ‘Love Is Contagious’, and I got a call from my guy, producer Shizzi… It was even one of those things I didn’t plan for because I was gonna use the song myself. I wanted to get some features on the record, but I was promoting a new project, and I didn’t have time.

“I didn’t have a use for ‘Blow My Mind’ at that time. Davido and Chris Brown, it’s just a beautiful thing to lend my art with another artiste and at the same time and see how well the song is done.”

WurlD gave a tense performance at the Livespot X Festival a few months ago.

WurlD played at Livespot X Festival as part of Gen Z Republik, a pop culture oriented curated event for youths who enjoy games, dancing, art, and music. Ehiz, full name Ehizojie Okoeguale, a prominent Nigerian MTV Base Video Jockey (VJ) who hosted the event, also joined him on stage.

Fans sang along to popular songs such as ‘Trobul,’ ‘Show You Off,’ ‘Sweet In The Middle,’ and ‘Mad,’ as Nigerian choreographer Kaffy engaged and stimulated the crowd with planned leg work and dance movements.