Why I Cried And Blocked Davido – Korra Obidi narrates

korra davido

Nigerian singer and dancer Korra Obidi, who is well-known in the US, has talked about her bad experience at Chris Brown and Davido’s after-party.

Remember that Davido’s album Timeless earned him three Grammy nominations? Even though he lost them all, he nevertheless made the most of the night by going to the US after-party.

In a recent live chat with followers, Korra Obidi—who was also at the Grammys—spoke candidly about her bad experience at Davido’s after-party, claiming she was given the coldest shoulder ever.

In the Live video, the mother of two said that one of Davido’s aides had assisted her in obtaining a pass to the after-party.

She also mentioned that she had a nice conversation with Davido during their brief interaction and got a close-up look at Chris Brown during the celebration.

She made it clear that she was sober, but admitted that she had been a little uneasy throughout the festivities and that she wanted to steal some alone time in the lavatory to collect herself.

Korra told how a security guard, who had been giving her strange feelings at the party, barged into the restroom and told her to go immediately, much to her great surprise.

She said that in spite of her protests, she was unexpectedly abandoned outside in the savage cold, without her coat or belongings.

Korra said that the security guards literally threw her out, and that Chris Brown and Davido, who were there the entire time, could see it happen. She further stated that she could not stop crying.

She revealed that she was haunted by the experience for many nights, which led her to launch a blocking campaign and cut off all connections—including Davido—related to the incident.

Korra said that until Davido had contacted her, she had not made the decision to unblock him.