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Why I apologised to the Muslim community — Tani Olohun

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Isese activist Abdulazeez Adegbola, aka Tani Olohun, in an exclusive interview with our correspondent, has stated that his former lawyer, Barrister Muftau Olobi, was doing his job with the apology letter addressed to the Muslim community on his behalf.

Adegbola, who is currently facing multiple charges for alleged criminal conspiracy, inciting public disturbance, disruption of public peace, criminal defamation of character and intentional insult, was, on November 3, slammed with another lawsuit bordering on the alleged act of burning a Quran.

The Isese activist, since his arraignment on August 19, has remained behind bars at the Correctional Service facility at Oke Fura, Ilorin, Kwara state.

In a phone interview with PUNCH Online, Adegbola, who mostly spoke in Yoruba, shared the reason behind the apology letter released by Olobi.

In the letter dated October 9, 2023, and written by Olobi, Adegbola apologised to the ‘Association of Proud Sons and Daughters of Ilorin Emirate,’ as well as to all Muslim clerics and adherents worldwide.

The letter stated that Adegbola had repented and regretted his actions.

It read in part, “Furthermore, in furtherance of genuine intention, sobriety, clear, sincere and unequivocal apology of our client, he has formally mandated and instructed us to, on his behalf, write this letter of further personal apologies.

“With humility, we are making our reliance for the basis of this letter on the provisions of the noble Holy Quran on forgiveness by commending you to the following provisions.

“Conclusively, we, on our part, join Our client to tender an unreserved apology with the assurances that when Our client regains his freedom, further steps will be taken by him to exhibit the fact that Our client has not only genuinely repented but has been purged of his encumbrances and totally remorseful.”

Speaking with our correspondent from the correctional facility in Ilorin, Tani Olohun started the conversation with the traditional greeting of “Aboru boye.”

Speaking on the apology letter released by his lawyer, Adegbola said, “Yes, I am aware of the apology letter. He was doing what he was paid to do.

“He came here with my mother, who was hysterical, and discussed the apology letter with me; this was the only way he knew how best to get me out of here. I did not want to aggravate the issue, so I agreed to the apology letter.”

The activist went on to answer questions about his well-being, saying, “I thank the almighty. My leg is also better,” he replied, giving an update on his bad knee earlier reported by PUNCH Online.

On why he was not in court Tuesday, the activist responded, “It was not important for me to appear in court. However, my lawyer and the prosecuting counsel are currently discussing this. I will be in court next week.”

Adegbola continued asking his supporters to remain calm as he believed the will of God would prevail. Everyone should please stay calm.

“I want everyone to remain calm; the will of God shall prevail. No one is smarter than God. Ifa informed me of all of these beforehand, so it did not surprise me. Everyone must remain calm; God will come through for me,” Adegbola said.