Who was Shalom Aboudi? killed in Hezbollah attack

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56-year-old Shalom Aboudi was killed in Hezbollah’s attack in northern Israel yesterday.
Military officials and medical officials had previously announced that 14 civilians were injured.
Hezbollah missile hit a number of vehicles near the northern community of Dovev

The Israel Electricity Corporation (IEC) reported the tragic death of 56-year-old Shalom Aboudi, one of its employees during Hezbollah’s latest offensive in northern Israel. In the attack, 14 civilians were injured, one of them critically, due to the anti-tank guided missile attack.

The incident occurred near the northern community of Dovev, where a Hezbollah missile targeted several vehicles, including those of IEC workers who had arrived to repair power lines damaged in previous attacks from Lebanon.

Who was Shalom Aboudi?

Among the IEC employees killed in the attack was Shalom Aboudi, a 34-year veteran of the company. IEC stated that Aboudi survived with his wife and two children and expressed deep sorrow for the loss. In the statement made by the company, it was stated that workers were coordinating with security forces to repair vital power lines to provide electricity to farms and vital complexes in the region.

“The heart aches and the soul is numb to receive the sad news that our friend Shalom Abodi fell while working to restore electricity supply to residents in the north,” said Electric Company CEO Meir Spiegler. . He emphasized Aboudi’s commitment to the company’s values and commitment to its customers and expressed deep sadness at his death.

The incident highlights the human cost of conflict and the risks faced by essential workers trying to protect critical infrastructure in conflict zones. Shalom Aboudi’s loss underscores the broader impact of such attacks on individuals, families and communities affected by geopolitical tensions in the region.