Who is Ayah Ziyadeh? American Muslims for Palestine calls Israelis ‘generation of thieves

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The director of advocacy for American Muslims for Palestine is Ayah Ziyadeh.
She is a writer, activist, and researcher of human rights who is Palestinian-American.
She has been involved in political, grassroots, and lobbying campaigns for more than five years.

Israelis are a “generation of thieves,” according to American Muslims for Palestine’s National Advocacy Director, Ayah Ziyadeh.

Who is Ayah Ziyadeh?

As the Advocacy Director for American Muslims for Palestine, Ayah Ziyadeh demonstrates her commitment to furthering human rights concerns, especially those related to Palestinian rights. As a writer, activist, academic, and supporter of Palestinian human rights, Ziyadeh has established a notable reputation for her dedication to bringing attention to Palestine and other vital human rights concerns.

Ziyadeh offers a plethora of knowledge to her position and has over five years of experience in grassroots and political activism. Her experience spans a variety of positions, such as legislative staff, interning as a lobbyist and assisting the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and working as an organizer with several coalitions and groups. She now has a comprehensive awareness of the many domains that influence lobbying and policy-making thanks to her varied experience.

Ziyadeh has accomplished academic milestones in addition to her professional pursuits. She graduated from the Josef Korbel School of International Relations with a master’s degree in international human rights. She focused on Palestinian rights, resistance, and the circumstances behind the ethnic cleansing of Palestine throughout her doctoral studies. Ziyadeh’s deep study and policy work on these important topics demonstrate her dedication to her academic endeavors.

Ayah Ziyadeh’s diverse background highlights her commitment to advancing human rights and justice, especially with regard to Palestinian rights.

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