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While Rockets Fall on Israel, Dems Stand With Hamas

A generation ago there were passionately pro-Israel Democrats. They were a minority, but they existed. Today, they’re largely extinct.

The Democrats are now largely divided into two camps, that of the establishment careerists who literally believe in nothing, and the radical leftists.

The latter have made their hatred of Israel very clear while the former issue weak statements that they back away from as soon as there’s any pressure. Your average pro-Israel Democrat statement condemns Hamas rockets, Israel’s response to the rockets, and mourns the deaths on all sides. And then backs away when being attacked for still being too pro-Israel for condemning the terror rockets.

That’s the usual farce.

There are two factors at work here.

1. The radicalization of the Democrats

2. The growing abandonment of Israel by Jewish Democrats

Combine the two together and you get AOC, Warren, and Sanders screeching hatred for Israel with little to no opposition.

The radicals have a passionate hatred on their side, but there’s little passion among the Democrat establishment for Israel. That’s not just the story when it comes to Israel, but virtually any moderate and mainstream issue.

And so as Hamas rockets fall on Israel, the loudest Democrat voices cheer the terrorists and curse Israel.

This is the new normal.

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