WhatsApp is testing out text formatting for Android app

When you’re messaging another person, it’s important to really get your emotions across. This is something that Meta-owned WhatsApp acknowledges, as the company could be bringing advanced text formatting for the Android app. The functionality was spotted in the latest beta version of the Android app.

Text formatting is making its way to more services. Not too long ago, X brought text formatting for its X Premium subscribers. Also, Google Keep recently brought formatting to its app. Proper formatting tools are a way to add weight and emphasis to your text.

Say, you’re messaging a group of people on WhatsApp about a very important meeting. Saying “You’ll be fired if you’re late” isn’t as effective as saying “You’ll be fired if you’re late”.

WhatsApp could bring text formatting to the Android app

This is an early version of the functionality discovered by WABetaInfo (via Android Police). Since it refers to a feature that’s under development, you’ll want to take this feature with a grain of salt. Whatsapp could change or take away this feature before launch.

Most likely, you won’t be able to see this feature even if you download the latest version of the Android beta. In order to use the feature, you’ll have to enable it.

Looking at the screenshot, we see the different formatting tools that you’ll be able to apply to your text. The first tool we see is the code block. This format makes it a lot easier to share code with other people. To apply this format, you’ll put the text between two “`”.

Whatsapp text formatting

Next, the quote block will create an indented line of text. It will resemble a quote that you would see in a larger work of text. To use that format, you’ll use the “>” character.

Lastly, you’ll be able to make bullet-pointed lists. In order to make lists, you’ll start off a line with a “*” or a “-“.

We’re not sure when WhatsApp will roll out this change, but if the company does, it will make messaging a lot better. It’s in testing now, so it, hopefully, won’t take too long.