“What is that?” – Burna Boy frowns face, rejects cauliflower cheese, requests for Eba and egusi

burna boy

Burna Boy, also known as Damini Ogulu, sparked outrage online after declining a foreign delicacy in favour of Eba and egusi soup.

During a recent food testing interview with LADbible, the singer was asked to choose his favourite cuisine from a menu of Nigerian and British dishes.

Burna Boy’s first round of meals included Jollof rice and cauliflower cheese. Burna’s resounding rejection of cauliflower cheese was one of the interview’s high points.

He turned down the cauliflower cheese, remarking that it tasted bad in his head but without touching or tasting it.

The second set of foods served was Pot Noodles and Eba with Egusi Soup.

The famed Afrobeat musician tried the Pot Noodles and saw that it would require a specific sauce to pair with the Jollof Rice.

During the interview, he said that jollof is his favourite food. Burna Boy then opened the package that Eba had given him and began to consume it, rather than simply tasting it.