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We Need To Review Our 1999 Constitution In Order To Accommodate Our Homegrown Democracy- Dr. Supo Ayokunle

Dr. Supo Ayokunle, the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, has lamented about some challenges facing the nation and inhibiting growth.

Dr. Supo Ayokunl gave his take on the state of the nation at the Holy Convocation 2021 of the Victory Life Bible Church, Abeokuta, under the leadership of Apostle Lawrence Achudume.

According to him, some of the challenges facing Nigeria is as a result of bad governance that has taken over the system.

In his words: “We need to upgrade or review our 1999 Constitution as amended in order to accommodate our homegrown democracy, where everybody will be giving a sense of responsibility. Our plurality should be taken care of. No zone should be a slave to the other. “Dual constitution must be dropped for one single constitution. The 1999 constitution, as amended, is both secular and Sharia. It gives preference to one religion over the other. The constitution will address the way of doing things. “Immunity in our constitution for political leaders should be removed so they can be accountable to those who put them in the position of authority.’’

“The issue of insecurity is threatening our existence. We have terrorist attacks every day which has been with us since 2009. The government at that time was so weak and disillusioned that they failed to quell the activities of Boko Haram. Boko Haram is almost consuming our security forces now. Banditry is gradually spreading to all states in the South West. Those behind the act are Fulanis. This is not ethnic profiling. It is obvious because we know those attacking us. They are at the forefront of attacking the roads, in the farms and they are unable to put this under control because of ineffective leadership and inefficient security apparatus. If the government is doing right by apprehending the criminals, the country will be a better place for us all.”



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