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We Are Our Own Problem In Nigeria, I’m Not Backing Down, Justice Must Be Served — Iyabo Ojo Vows Over Baba Ijesha Case

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has vowed not to back down but go any length in order to ensure that justice is served in the se.xual assault case involving actor, Baba Ijesha.

Baba Ijesha born Olanrewaju James is currently in police custody after being arrested for se.xually molesting a minor twice after he was caught on CCTV and confessed to the crime he was accused of.

Iyabo Ojo who has been vociferous in the campaign for Baba Ijesha to be sentenced to jail of his crime has said in a video that Nigerians are their own problem.

She said that she used to think the leadership of Nigeria is the problem but she has come to understand that we are our own problem.

The mother of two intimated that the day Nigerians will take issues of their fellow brothers and sisters as if its their own problem, Nigeria will begin to get better.  

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See reactions below;


She made a lot of point. This is how we arr wired in Nigeria. That mentality of “Ah wettin concern me, no be my own, no be my sister, no be my pikin, no be my mama”


Her point is reflecting in d comment section… we are our own problem…. d way these men keep justifying baba Ijesha and talking down iyabo then the girl child isn’t safe….


At this point I’m more concerned about the THOUSANDS OF OTHER VICTIMS without a voice fighting for them out there. 

If getting justice for ONE victim take all these energy and effort, imagine what the rest of the victims out there are facing😢

This is indictment against NIGERIAN JUSTICE SYSTEM and a testament that NIGERIANS need to do more in demanding accountability from these leaders


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