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Watch As Female Student Is Being Chopped By Boyfriend During Zoom Class

A female student alleged to be a student at Legon is trending on social media after she joined a zoom class while being ‘chopped’ by his boyfriend.

Ever since coronavirus plunged the world into the work/study-from-home era, a lot of people have been caught on camera doing the unthinkable.

It has exposed how employees and students behave with little or no supervision.

An alleged student of the University of Ghana (Legon) was busted in a hot romance with her boyfriend during an online class via zoom

The young lady who was oblivious of the fact that the camera was on was seen smooching and having fun with her boyfriend.

Unfortunately for them however, one of the students in the Zoom recorded the session and posted it on Twitter which has gone viral.

It is unclear how it popped up on social media but so far, the young lady has refused to comment on the video and how she mistakenly kept her Zoom camera on.

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