Warcraft Rumble launches on Android and iOS

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The launch of Warcraft Rumble is officially here as the game went live during the BlizzCon 2023 keynote. Players around the world finally have a chance to get their hands on this free-to-play Warcraft experience for mobile devices in all its Azerothian glory.

The game has been in an early access beta for many months but it was limited to just a few regions. And as the months have gone by Blizzard has made numerous improvements. In addition to adding new content like heroic campaigns and more. Among the many things newcomers to the game will get to check out for the first time, there’s a new launch cinematic Blizzard released alongside the game. You can check that out below. And if this is your first introduction to Warcraft Rumble, you definitely should.

For those unfamiliar with the game it’s a Clash Royale-style tower offense game. Obviously set in the Warcraft universe with many of your favorite heroes and villains. You can play as different factions and command your legion of minis as iconic characters like Jaina Proudmoore. The game features guilds, PvP, and whole bunch of other stuff that’s present in World of Warcraft. It will eventually have raids too.

The launch of Warcraft Rumble is off to a strong start

The game has been available in an early access beta in a few regions for the better part of a year. But as of launch the game is still off to what seems like a very strong start. At over 1 million downloads on Google Play it has a 4.7 star rating and that’s, pretty darn good this early on. It helps that the game is actually very good and it might surprise you how fun it really is.

As a free game, it’s worth checking out for any Warcraft fan. You can also check out more about the game in our big explainer guide.