Visa Free Countries For Nigerians Passport Holders 2023 (UPDATED)

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As of 2023, Nigerian passport holders are fortunate to have access to a growing list of countries that allow them to travel without the hassle of obtaining a visa. These visa-free destinations offer Nigerian travelers the opportunity to explore and experience the world without the burden of complex visa applications. In addition to these visa-free countries, there are also nations that provide visas on arrival and a few that offer eVisas. Let’s delve into the details of these travel opportunities and explore the exciting possibilities that await Nigerian passport holders:


Visa-Free Countries for Nigerian Passport Holders:

  1. Antigua and Barbuda: Nestled in the picturesque Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda beckon with their stunning beaches and warm hospitality. Nigerian tourists can enjoy a visa-free stay in this tropical paradise.
  2. Barbados: Another Caribbean gem, Barbados offers a visa-free entry to Nigerian travelers. Explore the vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and lush landscapes of this island nation.
  3. Benin: Nigeria’s neighbor to the west, Benin, welcomes its fellow West African citizens without requiring a visa. It’s an excellent opportunity for a quick getaway or a cultural exploration.
  4. Burkina Faso: Located in West Africa, Burkina Faso is a member of the ECOWAS community, which allows Nigerian passport holders to travel without a visa for a short visit.
  5. Cameroon: This Central African nation, with its diverse landscapes and cultures, is easily accessible to Nigerians. Enjoy a visa-free stay for up to 90 days in Cameroon.
  6. Cabo Verde (Cape Verde): A collection of stunning islands in the Atlantic Ocean, Cabo Verde is an ECOWAS member, making it an accessible destination for Nigerian travelers.
  7. Chad: Situated in Central Africa, Chad offers visa-free entry to Nigerians for a specified duration, provided you have a valid passport.
  8. Cook Islands: An idyllic paradise in the South Pacific, the Cook Islands beckon Nigerian tourists to explore their breathtaking beauty. Enjoy a visa-free stay of up to 31 days.
  9. Ivory Coast: As a fellow member of the ECOWAS community, Ivory Coast welcomes Nigerian travelers without the need for a visa. Explore its rich culture and natural beauty.
  10. Dominica: A mountainous Caribbean island nation, Dominica is known for its natural splendor and biodiversity. Nigerian citizens can enjoy a visa-free stay of up to 180 days.
  11. Fiji: Nestled in the South Pacific, Fiji is an archipelago of over 300 islands. Nigerian passport holders can explore its pristine beaches and vibrant culture visa-free for up to 120 days.
  12. Ghana: Nigeria’s neighboring country, Ghana, is known for its rich history and warm hospitality. It offers visa-free entry to Nigerian citizens.
  13. Guinea: Located in West Africa, Guinea is another ECOWAS member nation that opens its doors to Nigerian travelers without requiring a visa.
  14. Guinea Bissau: A tropical West African country, Guinea Bissau welcomes Nigerian passport holders without the need for a visa.
  15. Haiti: This Caribbean nation in North America offers a visa-free stay of up to 90 days to Nigerian travelers. Explore its unique culture and vibrant art scene.
  16. Liberia: Located on the West African coast, Liberia is another visa-free destination for Nigerian passport holders. Enjoy its beautiful beaches and rich history.
  17. Mali: A landlocked West African country, Mali invites Nigerian travelers without the burden of a visa requirement.
  18. Micronesia: An archipelago of 2,000 small islands in Oceania, Micronesia offers Nigerian passport holders a visa-free stay of up to 30 days.
  19. Montserrat: This mountainous Caribbean island, a British Overseas Territory, is open to Nigerian citizens for a visa-free stay of six months.
  20. Niger: Officially known as the Republic Of Niger, this West African country provides Nigerian travelers with visa-free access.
  21. Niue: Affiliated with New Zealand, Niue is a self-governing territory located in the South Pacific Ocean. Nigerian passport holders can explore its natural beauty without a visa.
  22. Senegal: A vibrant West African nation, Senegal invites Nigerian travelers to experience its culture and hospitality without the need for a visa.
  23. Sierra Leone: Located on the southwest coast of West Africa, Sierra Leone offers Nigerian passport holders visa-free entry. Explore its beautiful beaches and cultural heritage.
  24. Saint Kitts and Nevis: This dual-island nation in the Caribbean welcomes Nigerian citizens without requiring a visa. Enjoy its pristine beaches and warm hospitality.
  25. Gambia: A West African nation bounded by Senegal, The Gambia offers Nigerian travelers a visa-free entry option.
  26. Togo: Situated on the Gulf of Guinea, Togo invites Nigerian passport holders for a visa-free visit. Explore its vibrant markets and cultural diversity.
  27. Vanuatu: A South Pacific archipelago with a capital in Port Vila, Vanuatu is accessible to Nigerian travelers without a visa for up to 30 days. Enjoy its tropical beauty and outdoor adventures.

Countries Offering Visa on Arrival for Nigerians:

  1. Cambodia
  2. Comoros
  3. Ethiopia
  4. Iran
  5. Kenya
  6. Madagascar
  7. Maldives
  8. Mauritania
  9. Mauritius
  10. Mozambique
  11. Namibia
  12. Palau
  13. Rwanda
  14. Somalia
  15. Timor-Leste
  16. Tuvalu
  17. Uganda

Countries Offering eVisas to Nigerians:

  1. Djibouti
  2. Gabon
  3. Kyrgyzstan
  4. Lesotho
  5. Qatar
  6. São Tomé and Príncipe
  7. South Africa
  8. South Sudan
  9. Suriname
  10. Zambia
  11. Zimbabwe

Before embarking on your journey, remember to have a valid passport and check the specific entry requirements for your destination, including travel health insurance. Travel opportunities are vast, and exploring these visa-free and accessible countries can lead to unforgettable experiences and adventures.