Viral Nanny Rosie Offered Job, Canadian Visa Sponsorship By Travel Agency

A travel agency has indicated interest to sponsor a viral nanny to Canada. Catherine Joe, the director of Vintmark Travel Agency said her company is ready to sponsor the viral nanny, Rosie for a student visa to Canada with a compensation of KSh 30,000 (over N153K).

This comes after the nanny went viral following an emotional video while departing her former boss and their children at the airport.

In a Facebook announcement, a content creator, Divinar Joseph expressed the agency’s eagerness to provide this opportunity to the beloved mother of three.

“Catherine Joe is looking for the viral Lebanon nanny for two offers, one a temporary nanny job renumeration starting from KSh 30,000.

She can work for her as she waits her Canada process documentation.Kindly anyone with contact details share,” the content creator, Divinar Joseph wrote.

Nanny Rosie’s remarkable tenure in Lebanon captured the affection of her employer and the children she cares for, potentially leading to an opportunity in Canada.

Since gaining prominence, Rosie has garnered widespread admiration for her commendable work in Lebanon, winning the hearts of many.