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Use Your Money To Invest, Not To Impress- Reno Omokri Advises

Renowned author and politician, Reno Omokri has dished out a piece of advice to celebrities who do not plan their future in advance.

According to him, you will go broke alone if you try to be over generous with your money and start doling it out to fans and wellwishers.

He made the submission that when celebrities flaunt the latest cars and luxuries, nobody asks them to donate to their fans so in the same vein, celebs should not ask their fans for money when they go broke.

He captioned his post as: When celebrities flaunt the latest cars and luxuries, nobody asks them to donate to their fans. So why do people ask their fans to donate to them when they go broke and are sick? Use your money well now. Don’t flaunt. If you flaunt alone, you may go broke alone. Your celebrity won’t last forever. Your fans will grow up and move on in life, and the upcoming generation will follow celebrities. This will affect your future income. Therefore, use your money to invest, not to impress, and avoid stories that touch

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His post sparked some reactions from fans as they slid under his comment section and shared their opinions. Below are some of the reactions.

elijahegbunu: It would come to a point when nobody would argue with you and whatever you say would stand because you’re always making sense ! God bless you

chadeeym: U’re indeed a Table shaker🙌👏


Well spoken, love the man in you sir

capitallove01: Una don hear?

zilli_122: 👏👏👏

iam_zion001: Reno my man



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