UK: Stabbed Christian preacher says frequent attacks by ‘Muslim mob’ make Speakers’ Corner unsafe for Christians

The investigation is ongoing, but “Hatun Tash, the victim of a stabbing at Speakers’ Corner…said that the supposed ‘home of free speech’ has become unsafe for Christians as a result of an increasingly belligerent Muslim mob.” You can find more news and analysis about the stabbing from Jihad Watch HERE.

The stabbing of Hatun Tash should be understood in light of what happened to teacher Samuel Paty in France when he was said to have shown Muhammad cartoons to his class. Defenders of the “religion of peace” are sending loud messages to Westerners about what will happen if they step out of line in their own countries. Paty’s beheading was a message to those with any idea that the freedom of speech is still alive and well in Western countries. Reinforcing this message is the fact that the reaction to Paty’s beheading consisted in large part of multitudes of Muslims condemning blasphemy against Islam, not the beheading.

Newsweek reported that right after the attack:

Tash collapsed with blood streaming down her face. She later stood up, still with a very bloodied face, and proceeded to preach before she was treated at the scene and then transferred to a central London hospital for further treatment for her wounds.

The brave Hatun Tash, who is a former Muslim from Turkey, has stated:

In my early days, Speakers’ Corner was a much calmer place. Now it is not and I am regularly attacked by a Muslim mob.

Jihad in the West — both stealth and violent — is escalating. Nowhere is it safe to tell the truth about Islam without some form of punishment: marginalization for telling the truth or even physical attack, depending on the severity of your “crime” of blasphemy. It’s becoming more threatening to discuss Islam out in an open forum with honesty, as at Speakers Corner.  This is what Western “progressives” and cowards have imported into Western society in the name of “tolerance,” so that now, even Christians such as Hatun Tash who have migrated from Muslim countries for safety are under threat for criticizing the “religion of peace.

London’s Speakers’ Corner is Not Safe for Christians, Says Charlie Hebdo Stabbing Victim Hatun Tash,” by Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart, July 29, 2021:

Hatun Tash, the victim of a stabbing at Speakers’ Corner on Sunday, said that the supposed “home of free speech” has become unsafe for Christians as a result of an increasingly belligerent “Muslim mob”.

Tash, an Evangelical street preacher who migrated from Turkey to the United Kingdom after converting from Islam to Christianity, said that she is a frequent target in Speakers’ Corner for her critiques of the Muslim religion.

“In my early days, Speakers’ Corner was a much calmer place. Now it is not and I am regularly attacked by a Muslim mob,” Ms Tash told The Times.

“We don’t live in Pakistan, we don’t live in Saudi Arabia. I am Christian and by default, I believe that Muhammad is a false prophet. I should be allowed to say that in the UK.”

Tash specifically blamed the London police for her attack on Sunday, in which a hooded man stabbed and slashed at her while she was wearing a t-shirt featuring images from Charlie Hebdo, the French magazine which was the victim of a 2015 Islamist terror attack after it published caricatures of Mohammed.

“Police inaction has led to what happened to me yesterday… It is heartbreaking that we live in a society where police do not want to arrest a Muslim for fear of being called Islamophobic,” she said.

“My attacker was not even afraid of the police as he did it right in front of them,” Tash added in an interview with The Sun, adding that she believed her attacker’s “intention was clearly to kill me”.

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