UK High Court rules that Islamic State jihadi must be allowed to return, dozens of jihadis may follow

The news keeps on getting better in the West for Islamic supremacists and jihadists, as self-inflicted threats to democracy and national security increase.

When jihadists enter Western countries via slack immigration policies, or as in this case, a reckless and ill-considered court decision, many of them continue their jihad mission. Contrary to the assumptions of cretinous Western leaders and bleeding hearts who are advocating for Islamic State jihadists to return “home,”  jihadists do not view the UK or any other Western state as “home.” They view non-Muslim countries as part of the dar al-harb, or “House of War,” to be conquered for Islam.

If unvetted Muslim migrants and Islamic State returnees were to become the next door neighbors of these reckless judges and politicians, they would be in the panic. Should these jihadists ever become a threat to their own neighborhoods and wellbeing, their decisions would change suddenly in favor of protecting national security. But they do not care about taxpaying citizens whose safety they should be ensuring.

“Hope for dozens of suspected Daesh members as recent court ruling sparks panic in Whitehall,” by Pooja Shrivastava, Eastern Eye News, August 2, 2021:

A RECENT court ruling in favour of a suspected Daesh member- a grandmother who was stripped off her British citizenship in 2019- has raised hopes for more Jihadist looking to return to the UK, a media report stated on Sunday (1), adding that the ruling has sent a “panic through Whitehall”. The woman is currently in the same camp as jihadi bride Shamima Begum.

Belonging to the north of England, the woman, known only as D4, had her citizenship removed in 2019 for what government sources say were reasons of national security, reports said. D4 has been detained in the al-Roj camp since January 2019 alongside other women and children caught while leaving Isis territory, the high court heard in the proceeding.

The High Court ruled on Friday (30) that it was unlawful for the government to strip D4 of her citizenship since Home Office had failed to inform her and not told her it was doing so and that makes the order “invalid”. The court ruled that D4 remains a UK national, The Times reported.

As per the reports, Friday’s court ruling concluded: “You do not ‘give’ someone ‘notice’ of something by putting the notice in your desk drawer and locking it. The home secretary’s failure to give notice of her decision to deprive D4 of her citizenship invalidates the order. D4 remains a British citizen.”

As per the law, the government “must give the person written notice” of a citizenship deprivation decision, providing reasons for it and notifying them of their right to appeal. In 2018, the Home Office had changed regulations for someone of their whereabouts are unknown or if they do not have a lawyer, making it “deemed to have been given” to the person in question even if the Home Office made a record of it and put it on their file.

Calling the change in law as “very substantial interference”, the judge said that the government either has to give people notice or change the law.

The judgment found the government had gone beyond its legal powers by removing a requirement to inform people who are being stripped of their nationality.

The judgment is said to have sent panic through Whitehall amid fears it might lead to up to 28 suspected jihadists claiming the right to return to the UK.

Deprivation of citizenship has been a major part of the UK’s response to those who have travelled to Daesh-controlled areas under efforts to prevent jihadis returning from Syria, by depriving them of travel documents and any right to assistance or repatriation….

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