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UK Automatically Extends EU Settlement Status Holders’ Validity by 2 Years

From September, people with pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) will have their settled status automatically extended for another two years.

The UK government explained in a press release that the process will be automated by the Home Office and also reflected in the person’s digital status, who will be notified of the extension, reports.

This system has been adopted in order for nobody to lose their immigration status if they do not apply for a settled status.

The UK government is also planning to take steps that automatically convert eligible pre-settled status holders to settled status, releasing them from the requirement to apply for the status.

During 2024, automated checks of pre-settled status will enable individuals to have their ongoing continuous residence in the UK, while safeguards will also ensure that settled status is granted accordingly and lawfully.

More than two years on from the EUSS application deadline of June 30, 2021, for those resident in the UK by the end of the transition period on December 31, 2020, the range of measures laid before Parliament today will also make sure that the Home Office can ensure the integrity of the EUSS, protecting it against fraud and abuse.

Home Office

In addition, changes to the reasonable grounds for late applications to the scheme will be considered. However, two temporary transitional routes that fall outside the UK’s Withdrawal Agreement commitments will be closed.

Lord Murray, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Migration and Borders, said that the automatic extension of pre-settled status would enable EU, EEA and Swiss citizens, as well as their family members, to continue their stay in the UK without fear of losing their status simply for failing to file an application for settled status.

The measures we’ve announced today will also enable us to continue robustly tackling spurious EUSS applications, freeing up resource for legitimate late applicants and status-holders, and delivering for the UK public.

Lord Murray

Starting on March 31, 2023, approximately 5.6 million Europeans and their family members secret their rights in the UK through the EUSS, with an estimated 2.1 million holding pre-settled status and around 3.5 million holding settled status.

Last year, there were reports over almost 246,000 European citizens and their families in the UK that were waiting for more than a year to have their proving documents regarding their legal stay in the country. The authorities have criticised the transition scheme, while Caroline Nokes, the Former Immigration Minister, who also was a designer of the scheme, did admit there could have been things to improve.