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Trinidad: Families plead with government to repatriate 70 children, 24 women from Islamic State camp in Syria

70 “Trini children” and 24 women are stuck at the Al-Hol (also transliterated as Al-Hawl) Islamic State camp in northern Syria after the Trinidad High Court dismissed “two legal claims filed by the relatives.” The relatives are fighting for the Trinidad government to work on their behalf “to have the children and women repatriated to Trinidad and Tobago.” And they’re using classic emotional rhetoric to do it.

According to the Trinidad Express:

WHY must children who had no say as to where they live be made to endure the circumstances in which they currently do in an ISIS camp in Syria?

This was the “concern” raised by family members:

“While Government officials ‘apparently have been sleeping peacefully’ the children and women were suffering in Syria and ‘we cannot rest while our families live like this.’”

There’s a good reason for the Trinidad government to dismiss the self-serving pleas of these family members. The families continued:

Seventy of our little ones and 24 women are currently struggling to survive in Al-Hol and Al Roj, two of the worst refugee camps in the world.

“These vulnerable T&T nationals are enduring extreme weather conditions, inadequate shelter, poor nutrition and contaminated water.

The children are especially at risk of physical and sexual abuse. The area recently became a deadly conflict zone, exacerbating our fears for our loved ones….

….”Please remember that these are citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. Please remember that many of these refugees are children who did not choose their situation and who are suffering the most. Please do not abandon them again…”

Putting emotions aside, this is the truth about these “little ones”: they pose a grave threat to public safety. TheseCubs of the Caliphate,” as they are known, were born and bred as soldiers of the Islamic State. They are indoctrinated to be loyal citizens of the “caliphate,” to wage bloody jihad against Dar al Harb (the House of War).

Islamic State children are trained to use weapons and have been sent out in combat. They pose an extreme risk due to their level of indoctrination. In a disturbing video that you can watch at your own risk HERE, a little boy — who could be the child of a Western convert — is handed a gun. He proceeds to pump five rounds into his victim while screaming “Allahu akbar!” The last jihadist in the video cuts his victim’s throat next to a “kiddie train track” and then leaves his knife stuck into the victim’s back. (Kathryn Cain, TERROR TOT Horrific ISIS video shows British child – dubbed Abu Abdullah al-Britani – ‘shooting prisoner in the head’ in Syria, The Sun, August 26, 2016)

For years, the Islamic State has been brainwashing children, from toddlers to teenagers, to become executioners, soldiers and suicide bombers. They are also conditioned and trained in the jihad ideology and raised to be proselytizers and preachers. Should these Cubs of the Caliphate be repatriated to Trinidad (and other Western countries), many if them will likely seek out fellow jihadists.

Last year, a Trinidadian Islamic State bride justified slavery. She said that the slave “really loved her slave-master, and she accepted Islam.” According to the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday:

Aliya Abdul Haqq, one of the hundred or so Trinidadian citizens currently stranded in the Al Hol camp in Syria, “told two foreign journalists that life inside the ISIS caliphate was “irie” – a Jamaican expression for nice or cool. Abdul Haqq, 34, is the sister of Tariq Abdul Haqq, a former lawyer and Commonwealth Games boxing finalist who traded his enviable life in Trinidad for war and death in Syria.”

A pattern can be observed in the attitudes of Islamic State brides before the downfall of the Islamic State in the Middle East, and after that downfall. In every case, the brides of ISIS (who are often as cruel and violent as their male counterparts) moan and groan about their plight in the fallen regions now that they are stuck in the camps. However, while they were systematically carrying out their jihadist missions of murder, torture and rape, life was “irie for them. They revered the “glories” of jihad and martyrdom in their pursuit of conquest, one that they intend to continue in Western countries. Woman at the al-Hol camp unleashed a reign of terror on innocent people by enforcing the Islamic State’s laws upon the population, including constant threats of decapitation, plus actions such as “slaughtering babies and dousing guards in petrol,” and not only guards, but other women, too.

At the height of ISIS activity in Syria and Iraq, Trinidad earned the reputation of being the principal recruiting center for ISIS in the Western Hemisphere. According to Business Insider:

One of the least known, but most alarming, aspects of the Islamic State is its ability to draw recruits and sympathizers from around the world, including from many countries not known as hotbeds of radicalism. On a per-capita basis, Trinidad was one of the largest providers of volunteers for the caliphate, a development that seems to come out of nowhere.

Adding to the problem, Trinidad is close to Venezuela. Foreign Policy published an article in 2017 entitled “In Venezuela’s Toxic Brew, Failed Narco-State Meets Iran-Backed Terrorism,” which addressed “the convergence of narco-trafficking and jihadism in America’s own backyard.” Venezuela is so close to Trinidad that it can be seen with the naked eye from the Southern and Western coasts of the island, and like many Western countries, Trinidad has a grave problem with unvetted refugees. A mass exodus of Venezuelans into Trinidad, with an untold number belonging to this “toxic brew,” adds to the already existing jihadist problem in Trinidad.  More recently, Venezuela has become closely aligned with Iran, with its Tourism Minister Padrón Paredes declaring “We consider Iran as our home. Iran is our friend.” Meanwhile, Iran’s Quds Force is reportedly sending weapons and troops to Venezuela. Venezuela has also urged private firms to sign trade deals with Turkey and Iran.

Writer Stephen Brown explained in a FrontPage Magazine article the little-known facts about the “forgotten Islamic coup” that took place 29 years ago in Trinidad — the only Islamic coup attempt against a sovereign country in the Western hemisphere (so far).

Currently, the Islamic State is making major inroads in the Sahel region of Africa as it wages genocide against Christians and attacks other minorities. The continuing goal is a global caliphate. Given the size of Trinidad and Tobago, its history of Islamic State recruitment and its strategic location, those who are concerned about the national security of the U.S. need to keep an eye on the country. Let’s hope that the Trinidad and Tobago government rejects the families’ pleas to repatriate these 24 Islamic State brides and their 70 Cubs of the Caliphate as posing a grave threat to Trinidad and beyond.

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