Trending video of Wizkid’s multi-billion naira car fleet gets fans talking

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Wizkid, Nigeria’s heartthrob, is currently capturing the spotlight in online buzz thanks to a scorching video revealing his slick car collection.

Wizkid, the Grammy winner, has a taste for high-end automobiles. A scorching video of him displaying his fantastic four vehicles has gone viral on social media.

Wizkid ignites online mayhem in a new video spotted on Blogger Tunde Ednut’s page as he rolls up to Secrets Palace, one of Lagos’ top clubs, showing his fleet of four expensive automobiles.

Wizkid’s automobile collection steals the show in the video, including the Maybach, Lamborghini Urus, Rolls Black Badge Cullinan, and Range Rover.

Tunde Ednut broke it down with some eye-popping figures: The Maybach rolls in at a solid N150,000,000, the Lamborghini Urus packs a punch at N220,000,000, the Rolls Black Badge Cullinan hits the stratosphere with a jaw-dropping N700,000,000, and the Range Rover adds another N60,000,000 to the tab.

Summing it all up, the price tags is staggering total of approximately N1,130,000,000 billion!

Captioning the video, blogger Tunde Ednut wrote;

Maybach – N150,000,000
Lamborghini Urus – N220,000,000
Rolls Black Badge Cullinan – N700,000,000
Range Rover – N60,000,000
TOTAL 🟰 N1,130,000,000 Billion approximately!”

While the singer boasts an extensive car collection, the select few showcased in the viral video prompted fans to share their thoughts and opinions across social media platforms.

See some of the reactions culled from Tunde Ednut’s page

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