Top 10 Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria

Universities in Nigeria

Top 10 Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria 

According to research by Naijaonpoint Media ,Many students prefers to enroll in a private universities where enrollment isn’t so difficult and therefore the academic calendar is fast due to the absence of strike. Also, Government-owned universities in Nigeria aren’t enough to admit the large number of scholars that aspire to further their education at reputable tertiary schools. This brings more importance to private universities in Nigeria,


1. Alhikmah University – N103,000 – N600,000


Alhikmah University is one of the cheapest private universities that has been accredited by the Nigerian University Commission (NUC).

The university currently has two campuses in Ilorin and Igbaja, Kwara State.

Courses offered in The university :

Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences

Faculty of Management Sciences

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Health Sciences etc.

2. Oduduwa University – N170,000 – N197,000

cheapest Private universities in Nigeria

Oduduwa university is quit affordable .

It is located at Ipetumodu, Osun State, Nigeria. Oduduwa has been in existence since 2009 when the university was approved to start its activities.

Even though Oduduwa is still a cheap university currently, Wikipedia shows that the university has about 20,000 population. From this, it is clear that Oduduwa university will soon become one of the top institutions in Nigeria.

Below are the colleges in Oduduwa university currently:

College of Management and Social Sciences (CMSS)

Banking & Finance

College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CNAS)

Business Administration

Mass Communication & Media Technology


Public Administration

Political Science

International Relations

College of Environmental Design and Management (CEDM)

College of Engineering and Technology (CET)


Mathematics/Computer Science



Industrial Chemistry

Computer Engineering

Computer Science

Physics (Electronics)


Electronic/Electrical Engineering

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3. Ajayi Crowther University N162,000 – N782,000

Top 10 Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria 2021

Ajayi Crowther University is another cheap private university in Nigeria that is open for everyone. It was established  in 2005.

Ajayi Crowther University is currently located in Oyo State, Nigeria. The university has working academic staffs in the following fields:

Faculty of Natural Science

Faculty of Social Science

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Management Science

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Education etc.


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4. Obong University – N180,00 – N200,000

Top 10 Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria 2021

affordable private university for students in Nigeria

Obong university is amongst the oldest private universities that is still cheap even till today.  it Obong university is among the well known private universities in Nigeria.

Currently, the university offers the following courses:



International Relations

Business Administration

Mass Communication

Public Administration



Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

Political Science

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5. Edo State University Uzairue formerly Edo University Iyamho –178,500650,000

About Edo State University Uzairue


Edo State University Uzairue (formerly Edo University Iyamho), was established by the Edo University Uzairue Law (2014) and subsequently amended to Edo University Iyamho, Uzairue, (Amendment Law 2015). It was further amended as Edo University Iyamho (Amendment Law 2016). The University was accorded recognition and issued license by the National Universities Commission on 23rd March, 2016, as the 41st State owned University and 142nd University in Nigeria.

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According to research,  Edo State University Uzairue is a fee-paying institution of world–class standard. The purpose for establishing the University is to meet the increasing demands for quality tertiary education in Edo State in particular and Nigeria in general. The Edo State Government also realized that developing human capital through quality education is the key to meaningful development of the State, hence the need to establish a University that will provide quality education. The University is also expected to propel social, economic, political, cultural, scientific and industrial growth of the State and Nigeria. The establishment of theEdo State University Uzairue will equally increase access to tertiary education for Edo State citizens and other Nigerians. Edo State University Uzairue is fully owned by Edo State Government.


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6. Crescent University – N283,000 – N1,000,000

Top 10 Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria 2021


cheapest private universities in Nigeria 2023/2024

This is another cheap private university that was created in december 2005. The university is located at Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria and had about 24,000 students who are currently studying there.

It should however be noted that Crescent University is not really a university for everyone. It was built by the Islamic Mission for Africa. Thus, it is doubtful whether the university accepts applications for students of different religions.

Below are the courses in the institution:

College of Law

College of Arts

Social and Management Sciences

Environmental Sciences,

Information and Communication Technology,

Natural and Applied Sciences

7. Rhema University – N152,000 – N464,000


Top 10 Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria 2021

cheap universities in Nigeria

This is one of the youngest universities in Nigeria. It was built in 2019 with the aim of equipping humanity for excellence. Rhema University was built by Living Word Ministries International as a way of contributing to the growth of education in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

Rhema University  was accredited in 2019, most of the courses in the institution was also accredited.

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8. Adeleke University – N273,000 – N450,000

Top 10 Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria 2021

Adeleke University is owned by one of the richest men in Nigeria, Chief Adeleke (who is also the father of Davido. It was built with promoting Education, Excellence And good Character amongst youth.


Below are the Faculties in Adeleke University:

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

Faculty of Business and Social Sciences

Faculty of Science

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9. Babcock University N288,000 – N560,000

Babcock is the only Nigerian university that was created before the Civil War. It started as the Adventist College of West Africa in 1995.

Currently, courses offered in Babcock university includes the following

School of Social Sciences

School of Public & Applied Health.

School of Science & Technology.

School of Computing & Engineering Sciences.

School of Management Sciences.

College of Health & Medical Sciences.

School of Nursing.

School of Education and Humanities.

School of Law & Security Studies.

College of Post Graduate Studies.

10. Fountain University – N341,000


Top 10 Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria 2021

cheapest universities in Nigeria

Fountain University is quite affordable and conducive.

Fountain University has two colleges currently, College of Natural and Applied Sciences and the College of Management and Social Sciences.