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“Too Much Skin” – DJ Cuppy’s Mom, Nana Otedola, Checks Her Over Her Dressing (Photos)

DJ Cuppy‘s mom, Nana Otedola, has put her in check over an outfit she wore, showing skin.

The billionaire daughter, shared some photos on the socials, rocking a two-piece off-shoulder top and long skirt with a very high thigh slit, showing off some skin.

Dj Cuppy

Though Cuppy was feeling herself in her cute outfit, her mom was however not her for it.

Reacting to Cuppy’s photos which she shared in her Instagram story, Nana took her daughter’s DM to check her over the outfit, letting her know that, she was showing off “too much skin.”

Nana Otedola and Cuppy

Cuppy shared her mother’s message to her in her Insta story but she didn’t seem too pleased with being checked.

Cuppy, who felt she was too old for her mom to still be checking her dressing, shared her mom’s message, complaining about her mom still being on her matter even at age 28.

My mom is still on me at age 28 years old” she complained.

See the photos and her mom’s reaction below…



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