Tony Blair: We’re fighting ‘perversion’ of Islam, it’ll be defeated by alliance with Muslims who oppose ‘extremism’

Who are those Muslims? Tony doesn’t seem to have given any names. “There is a real fight back within the Muslim world,” he says.

Gee, that’s great to hear. Where is it? Where are the Muslims who are making a theological response to the jihadis’ theological case? I’ve examined many that claim to do so over the years, and have never found one that actually does this. A celebrated “fatwa against terrorism” a few years ago doesn’t even mention the Qur’anic verses that jihadis most often cite to justify terrorism. So whom does Blair have in mind? Do tell, Tony.

Also, numerous people have considered it essential that they ally with self-proclaimed moderate Muslims, and believe that their work against jihad violence and Sharia oppression has no legitimacy unless they do so. Now, after twenty years, what has that gotten them? They thought it would shelter them from the Left’s charges of “Islamophobia.” It didn’t. They thought they would help start a movement against “extremism” among Muslims. No such movement materialized. All they got for their pains was a lot of confusion about the motivating ideology of the terrorists, thanks to the moderates who insisted without evidence all these years that Islam, properly understood, was peaceful and tolerant.

“Tony Blair sees hope within the Muslim world in fight against fanaticism,” by David Cohen, Politico, September 12, 2021 (thanks to Darcy):

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Sunday that 20 years after the 9/11 attacks, Muslims remain the best hope to defeat terrorists who practice a “perversion” of their religion.

Speaking on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,“ Blair said, “One of the lessons I’ve certainly learned in the last 20 years is this will only be defeated by an alliance with those strong voices now within Islam who want to retrieve their religion from extremism, and our job should be to help them, and to support them,“ adding that the Western world must make it clear it is not attacking Islam but “its perversion.“…

“The ideology is an ideology based on religious conviction. It’s extensive in the sense that it has a global footprint. It’s in many different parts of the world. It’s grown over a long period of time, and in its most radical form, it espouses this violent jihadhism which justifies the killing of people, Muslims who don’t agree with them, those of us who live under different systems.”

But he made it clear that it was not the religion itself that was at fault. And Blair also said he saw hope in challenges to militant Islamists within the Muslim world…. “there is a real fight back within the Muslim world.“

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