Threads cross-app posting to Facebook is getting an important fix

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Meta, the owner of Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, is working on a fix to the cross-app posting feature. This feature helps users of the Threads app to publish their posts on the platform to Facebook and Instagram without the option to opt-out. Recent reports point out that this feature will get some necessary changes, helping Thread users choose how their posts get shared.

At the moment, the update that will bring this change is still in the pipeline, but some users are already able to access it. Once available, it will permit users to decide whether they want their Threads app posts on other Meta platforms. Those who want their posts promoted to other Meta platforms will be able to pick the platforms they want ...s to reach.

Surprisingly, some Threads app users aren’t even aware that Meta publishes their posts on Facebook and Instagram. Cross-app posting has been available on the Threads app for quite a while now. At the moment, users can’t decide whether they want Threads posts to be published on other Meta-owned platforms, but that is coming to an end.

Threads app users will soon have control over cross-app posting to other Meta-owned social media platforms

Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse software engineer, took to his X page to share details on Threads’ cross-app posting. From his post, it became clear to netizens that the cross-app posting feature on Threads is getting some necessary improvements. This improvement will give users the ability to choose whether they want ...s on Threads to get to other Meta-owned platforms.

Also, Threads users will be able to pick between Facebook and Instagram for post sharing. With this improvement, users will have more control over which Meta platforms their Threads posts get to. Alessandro Paluzzi noted this change under the “Suggesting posts on other apps” section of the app.

This section is currently unavailable to users but will become available with a coming update. The update that will bring this section to the Threads app is the same update that will fix the cross-app posting issue. At the moment, there is no information on when this update will become available, but users can expect it anytime soon.

Meta came up with the cross-app posting feature to help promote Threads using other platforms. However, taking the ability to control this feature away from users is not the ideal way to go. Users who have been having issues with cross-app posting can now rest assured, knowing that a fix is coming.