This update will make Google Drive less of a headache

Google Drive AH NS 05

If you’re using Google Drive for business, then you should be used to a cluttered Recent Activity screen. This is one of the issues affecting people on the platform, but the company has a change in store that folks will like. According to a Google blog post, Google Drive will get a revamped Recent Activity. This change will make using the platform less frustrating.

People who use Google Workspace for business will store a ton of data on the Drive. The issue is that the interface just isn’t optimized for a ton of activity. It can be trouble sifting through the files that need your attention, messages, requests, etc. This is why this is a welcomed change.

This update will make using Google Drive less frustrating

When you open Google Drive, you’ll see a Recent Activity screen. This keeps you up to date with the most recent actions that happened. Unfortunately, this view just wasn’t organized, so it was a chore tracking down all of the files and notifications that need your attention.

Fortunately, Google is releasing an update to Drive that will bring a new Activity section. It’ll sit under the Priority section. When you click on that section, you’ll see a whole page open up. This will give you a listed view with all of your comments, access requests, and shared files. All of your new activities will be accessible from one view. This will make using Drive much less of a headache.

This is a Google Workspace feature, and the company said that it will be available to all Workspace tiers. That’s good, as everyone could benefit from a feature like this. The company has this on rapid release, so it will be made to everyone within the next 15 days. So, if you don’t see this new feature, you’ll just have to be patient.