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This isn’t democracy my father, others died for – Kola Abiola

Son of winner of the June 12 presidential election, Kola Abiola, has said Nigeria’s democracy currently being practiced was not what his late father, Chief MKO Abiola, and several Nigerians died for.

He further noted that it was not the kind of democracy several Nigerians laid down their lives on the line for.  Kola Abiola, said this during the Tribe Naija, 2021 Democracy Day Fireside chat, with the theme: ‘This thing Called Democracy,’ in Abuja, on Saturday.

Abiola said, “I am not impressed with the democracy that we are in today, because it is not what my father and others died for. Is not what they put their lives on the line for.

“And I want to make sure we get what they will be proud of in their graves. The mantle is now for me to make sure that happens and that is what I mean by completing that bridge.”

He also called a positive disruption of the system to bring about the kind of change that will make Nigeria work for all citizens.

The younger Abiola said that the Tribe Naija platform, under which the conversation was being hosted, was designed to bring together young Nigerians who have the passion to think outside the box to bring about a positive change in the country.

Abiola said, “So, let us not make a mistake about the system. There is no system. We have inherited a system and it is time we turn that system on its head. The system just throws up what they want us to have and we have to pick from what they throw up for us to vote for.

“We will change that on this platform. Because our numbers will count and we will have a say. You will know exactly the numbers we have at ward, local and state basis through this platform. I am committed to making that happen.”


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