This custom N64 controller could fetch $1,200 at auction

Custom Foxdata N64 Controller jpg.webp

Limited edition items in the gaming space usually end up being highly sought after, and that’s exactly what happened with this special custom controller that Foxdata made for the N64 back in the 90s.

Spotted by Eurogamer, a custom N64 Foxdata controller with a ‘Chrome Leopard’ design is being valued at a range of £700 and £1,000. That’s as much as $1,200 if it were to get the top-end price on that valuation. And is no small sum for a controller that would normally have cost much less.

As with any sort of limited edition gaming merchandise, the value is high because demand is high and supply is low. This particular controller is reportedly one of only 800 custom N64 controllers that Foxdata made. Although not all 800 were sporting the Chrome Leopard design. The company actually made four different designs and the other three were Desert Storm, Red Rain, and Purple Forest. With each one potentially having only around 200 or so that were made. That means there’s likely only about 200 of each type in the world today. Provided all of them still exist somewhere.

The custom Foxdata N64 controller was found stored in an attic for years

Unless you’re a hardcore collector, you probably eventually get rid of your old game and tech merch. But for Liam Clolusdale, the owner of this controller, it was kept stored in the attic of his loft for the past 25 years. Only to resurface because a friend had mentioned that these custom Foxdata controllers recently went for a high price at auction.

Clousdale says he remembered having the Chrome Leopard controller given to him for his 14th birthday in 1998. And he kept it all these years. And good thing to. Considering the amount of money he’s likely to get from the item if it sells. Clousdale says he contacted the auction house to see if his controller was worth anything. And “was surprised by the potential amount.”

Naturally that doesn’t mean he will make that much from the auction. As it has to sell first. But the idea of a limited item like this one being worth so much money years later is an interesting prospect to think about. And if anything it serves as a reminder to consider keeping some of your limited items.