“This country nah una pray pass but nah una still wicked pass”- Doyin slams Nigerians trolling her

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Doyin has created a debate in Nigeria concerning public perception and kindness. This comes after her encouraging gesture towards the show’s winner, Ile Baye, elicited a barrage of criticism.

In the middle of the hatred, Doyin had delivered Ile Baye a message of strength and persistence. When Ile Baye published this remark, however, numerous netizens chastised Doyin, accusing her of being unduly ingratiating.

Doyin took to Snapchat to express herself in response to the hostility. She wondered why acts of goodwill are frequently met with scepticism and suspicion of hidden motivations.

Doyin emphasised the simplicity of compassion, saying that she chooses to accept and reciprocate kindness without overthinking the motivations behind it.

Doyin expressed dissatisfaction with the constant scrutiny of her behaviour. Whether she is supporting, encouraging, or simply spending time with friends, she is accused of being phoney, sycophantic, or seeking celebrity.

Doyin slams Nigerians trolling her
Doyin slams Nigerians trolling her

She posed the provocative question of whether Nigerians are innately negative or have simply never experienced genuine compassion.

She went on to defend her character, claiming that, while she is not flawless, she feels herself to be a better person than those who mock her.

Doyin mentioned the lack of love in many people’s upbringing, implying that this is why they are unfamiliar with kindness.

She pointed out the persistence of immorality alongside frequent prayer in Nigeria, a country recognised for its religious fervour.

Doyin feels that many Nigerians would benefit from therapy to confront their deep-seated anguish and hatred, but that the country isn’t ready for the debate.

Doyin concluded her remarks with a lighthearted proposal to run for president of Nigeria, pledging free therapy to all.

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Doyin slams Nigerians trolling her
Doyin slams Nigerians trolling her
Doyin slams Nigerians trolling her