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These Housemates Love Knack Too Much – Mike Edwards Reacts To The Reunion Brouhaha

With the recent development at the BBNaija reunion, Mike Edwards has concluded that this batch of housemates loves knacking too much.

Mike Edwards sharing his views on the whole reunion saga which seems to be scented on $3x concluded that this batch of housemates love to knack too much and that is evident in what they said during the previous episode of the reunion.

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From the episodes we have seen so far, Mike Edwards isn’t wrong to say these housemates love knacking as it appears some people whom we thought were saints during the show all knacked or did something $3xualy which we had no idea about.

The episodes of the reunion that has been aired are basically about $3x and those who were involved were people we never imagined could have done that as there was no place in the show they were seen trying to do something like that.

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Another thing was that they all came prepared to attack each other hence decided to wash their dirty secrets outside disgracing themselves on a national TV once again and it’s obvious they all loved to knack just like Mike Edwards said.

Mike Edward is right to be worried and laments over how these housemates love knacking as this appears to be the only batch of housemates whose reunion is scented on $3x and what someone did and hide it and all that.

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