The TCL NXTPAPER 11 is finally making it to the States


Well, it’s about time! TCL announced its latest paper-like tablet, the TCL NXTPAPER 11, earlier this year. We were waiting for it to become available to purchase it stateside, but it remained unattainable. However, the TCL NXTPAPER 11 is finally launching to the US market, according to a new report.

What’s the deal with this tablet? Well, it’s all about the display. It uses the tablet’s proprietary NXTPAPER technology. This is meant to give you the most paper-like experience of any tablet. The warm light that the screen emits contains up to 60% less blue light than other displays. Studies show that using this display before can help you sleep more easily than if you used a regular display.

If you take that with the unique texture of the display, you’ll feel like you’re using a sheet of paper rather than a tablet display. That’s a rare quality for most modern displays.

When it comes to the rest of the tablet, you’re getting a pretty standard experience. For a tablet like this, you’ll most likely use it to watch movies and TV shows. Whether you’re vegging out on the couch, or relaxing on your patio, the screen is plenty bright to suit your needs.

It comes with Android installed, so you can use it for both play and work if you need. It’s got enough power to handle most light tasks you throw at it.

The TCL NXTPAPER 11 is now available in the US

So, this tablet seems really nice, but folks in the US couldn’t get their hands on it. Well, that’s finally changed. You can pick this tablet up for just $230.

This is a nice tablet if you love consuming content from your favorite streaming services. 11 inches is the perfect size, and it gets bright enough to view outside. So, feel free to watch movies and shows on the patio. You can enjoy them for hours because of the large battery inside.

The TCL NXTPAPER 11 is a great device to buy for yourself or purchase as a gift for a friend or loved one. Be sure to check it out if you’re looking for a new tablet this holiday season.