The Pixel 8 Pro Full Hardware Specs Prior to Launch

Google Pixel 8 Pro Promo Video Leak jpg.webp

Just when you thought there was likely nothing left to leak for the Pixel 8 Pro, one more leak surfaces containing a fill list of hardware data. Basically leaving nothing to the imagination prior to Google unveiling the phone on October 4. The Pixel 8 Pro, which is slated to be revealed alongside the Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 in just a couple of days, has had basically all details about it leaked at this point.

The latest leak comes from Brandon Lee on X (formerly Twitter), and details everything from the chipset to memory and more. Worth noting is that much of the information has leaked in some capacity before. But the difference now is that these details are being shown on the Pixel 8 Pro itself with the use of a third party app that mentions the specs.

Pixel 8 Pro hardware leak details Tensor 3’s cluster structure

For example, Google’s Pixel 8 Pro is running on the Tensor G3 chipset. That chipset is made up of 9 cores in a big.LITTLE architecture with 3 clusters. One cluster contains 1 core at 2.91GHz. Meanwhile the other two clusters use four cores each. With clocks at 2.37GHz and 1.70GHz respectively.

Another screenshot showcases the resolution of the front-facing camera. Which is 8.4MP for image resolution and 8.0MP for video resolution. As for the rear-facing camera, it’s a 13MP main sensor with multiple focus modes including macro, infinity, auto, continuous vide, and continuous picture.

In terms of other specs, you can see that the phone comes with 128GB of internal storage. As well as 12GB of RAM. Which is basically no change from last year’s Pixel 7 Pro device. For the most part it doesn’t look like there’s a ton of changes. As if most of the improvements made are minor and more about refining the phone than making it a lot faster and more powerful. In any case, you can view details of all the specs in the images below.