The original Samsung Galaxy Fold is at the end of its run

The original Samsung Galaxy Fold launched back in 2019 will no longer receive any updates. After almost four solid running years, the first ever commercially produced foldable device from Samsung has come to the end of its run. This device stepped into the smartphone industry to kickstart an entirely new form factor for devices.

Fast-forward to today, there are now a ton of foldable smartphones on the market from various smartphone brands. But their old timer and pioneer is set to retire to its resting place as it is no longer going to get any updates. This is the final nail in the coffin for this device, as its retirement process went into effect two years ago.

Back in 2021, the original Samsung Galaxy Fold got its last Android update. Ever since that time, the device has been getting a series of security updates to keep it up to date in some ways. But the latest update for Galaxy devices isn’t coming to this foldable device.

Samsung is retiring the original Galaxy Fold device after four solid years of its existence

Back in 2019, the original Samsung Galaxy Fold was a sensation even before its launch. Lots of people questioned how it was possible to fold a device with a large touchscreen in half. Leaks of this device hit the internet, keeping Samsung fans on their feet in expectation of the launch.

Finally, the phone hit the launch stage in September 2019. Following its launch, Samsung made the device available for purchase on its official website and in retail stores around the world. Despite the phone being an internet sensation, it didn’t hit the market like Samsung had hoped it would.

Sales weren’t so good as users weren’t seeing themselves using a foldable. One of the issues most potential buyers had with it was its thickness. When folded, this device measured 15.5mm, which is too thick for today’s devices and also didn’t sit well with buyers four years ago.

Additionally, the cover display on this device was almost unusable for most users. Measuring 4.6 inches, the cover screen had thick bezels, which isn’t attractive regardless of its Super AMOLED display panel. Well, this was just the beginning of an era for Samsung, and one where it would reign supreme for years.

After the launch of the original Samsung Galaxy Fold, the tech giant has launched four new foldable devices with similar form factors. Despite the influx of competition in the foldable industry, Samsung is still reigning supreme with impressive sales. Now, fans can wave goodbye to the device that paved the way for the foldable smartphone industry as we know it today.