The OnePlus Pad is currently on sale for $399.99

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Amazon is offering a discount right now on the OnePlus Pad. The deal includes the tablet at an $80 discount so the price is now $399.99 instead of $479.99. This is the same price that it was during the early Black Friday sale, so Amazon is still offering that discount. That makes sense given that this is Cyber Week and there are still going to be products that are available at some pretty good prices.

The OnePlus Pad is an Android tablet with an 11.61-inch LCD display, making it perfect for watching movies or TV shows. It also has Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support. And that’s going to go a long way for the audio experience of the content you’re watching. Say you’re more interested in playing games though. If that’s the case you’ll certainly be able to play games on this device. Since it has a MediaTek Dimensity 9000 chip in it along with a 144Hz display, games should also perform well and run smoothly.

And the big screen will make it easier to see minor details that might come in handy for games like Call of Duty: Mobile or other shooters. What about battery life you ask? Battery life is pretty good too. It should last you all day without any issues. If you do happen to drain it though you can charge the tablet back up quickly. With only an hour on the 65W charger, you’ll get “all-day” usage. So, you could use it all day for work, and then plug it in toward the end of the shift for an hour and you’ll have plenty of battery life for the rest of the evening.

You can pick up the OnePlus Pad at its discount price over at Amazon.

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