The new Google Pixel Buds update is rolling out with three impressive features

Google Pixel Buds Hands On 4

Google is now preparing to roll out a fresh update to its Pixel Buds, and this update brings new features. The new features aim to help improve user experience and enhance in-person conversations while the buds are in use. Currently, netizens are aware of just three new features that this update will bring to the public.

Reports have it that these three new features are not the only upgrades to come to the Pixel Buds thanks to this update. Other features will also make their way to users with this update, but at the moment little is known about them. But the three new features known to arrive with this update are Conversation Detection, Hearing Wellness, and Clearer Calls.

All three of these features will improve the usage of the Pixel Buds in their ways. In this article, you’ll find out what these features bring to the table in terms of their usage. Here is all you need to know about the coming Google Pixel Buds update and the known features it’s coming with.

Step up your experience with these new features coming with the Google Pixel Buds update

Three new features that Pixel Buds users can expect from this update are Conversation Detection, Hearing Wellness, and Clearer Calls. Each of these features can be toggled on or off from the Google Pixel Buds app. If the user finds any of these features useful, Google allows them to engage it for usage on their buds.

The Conversation Detection feature helps to turn on Transparency mode when users engage in conversations. So if a user is listening to music with their Pixel Buds and someone starts talking to them, the earbuds pause the media, letting the user hear the conversation. This feature works when a user is in the Active Noise Cancellation mode.

Next is Hearing Wellness, and this feature will help keep the users safe from damage to their hearing. It shows the user loudness levels at every given time, so they can be aware of their environment. Additionally, it gives the user an accumulated exposure report to help them determine if they are constantly exposed to noise pollution, which can be damaging to their hearing.

Lastly, the Clearer Calls feature uses Bluetooth super wideband to double the bandwidth for clearer calls. So, even if a user strays away from their smartphone during a call, the buds don’t disconnect, hence breaking the call. This is very important for users who frequently answer calls on the go with their Google Pixel Buds.

More features might also become available with this update, but in the meantime, just three are popular. These features will become available to users via an OTA upgrade to the Pixel Buds app. Google will start rolling out this upgrade to users globally in the coming days.