“The music industry is a fickle business”- Simi pens open letter to her fans


Simi, the amazing performer, recently sent a meaningful message to her fans on Instagram.

Despite a year that deviated from her intentions, she remains appreciative and hopeful. Her Spotify stats are outstanding, with 28.6 million streams and 3.6 million unique listeners. Nonetheless, Simi had considerable hurdles this year. She only published one ballad, falling short of her objective of numerous songs and an album.

Simi freely highlighted the unpredictability of life and the music industry in her essay. She described the profession as unpredictable and emphasised its intricacies behind the scenes. Her tremendous love for her fans was palpable.

She conveyed her heartfelt gratitude for their unwavering support, emphasising that they are her inspiration in her musical path.
Simi also discussed the significance of streaming numbers, recognising them as markers of her fans’ dedication and love.

She emphasised the genuine connection she has with her audience that extends beyond services like Spotify.

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Simi pens open letter to her fans
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Simi concluded her statement by announcing her intention to postpone the release of her new song till next year, looking forward to a new beginning.

She expressed her enthusiasm for the future and encouraged her fans to be prepared for it.

“My year didn’t go how I planned. I’m not mad about it; I’m just stating for the record. I’d be crazy to give life any ultimatums, because by design, life is unpredictable.

I only put out one song this year. A ballad. In the middle of the year. I had plans for multiple singles and an album. I did. But the music business is so fickle, it’s amusing. The wheels that turn behind the scenes are emotionless.

This epistle is dedicated to my fans. Despite the many long waits you have endured for my sake, you support me. Still.

Again and again. I don’t take you for granted and I hope that’s a truth you don’t forget. I wasn’t going to post this stuff, because I didn’t see the point. But you’re the point.

This is one app. So the numbers are only a symbol and I want to say that I see you. Thank you for seeing me too.

1 pushed my stuff to next year, because I like the idea of starting afresh. So, I hope you’re ready.”