The Moto Unplugged app is now available on the Razr Plus

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A few weeks ago, the Moto Unplugged app became available on the Razr device, and it’s now making its way to the Razr Plus. This is possible thanks to a new update that is rolling out to Motorola’s clamshell folding device. In addition to this long-awaited app, Motorola is also making the Moto Connect app available for Razr Plus users.

Due to the slight software difference between the Razr and the Razr Plus, one gets some features earlier than the other. This new productivity app that is rolling out to the Razr Plus has been available on the Razr for a while. Users of the Razr got this update a few weeks ago, leaving the more expensive device behind.

Finally, users of the more expensive option are getting a vital feature that users of the less expensive device have been enjoying. The update bringing this feature also packs bug fixes and stability improvements for the Razr Plus device. Here’s everything you need to know about the Moto Unplugged app that is now available on the Razr Plus foldable device.

Details on the Moto Unplugged app that is making its way to the Motorola Razr Plus smartphone

The Moto Unplugged app comes standard on the Motorola Razr smartphone. As for the more expensive and feature-packed Motorola Razr Plus, this device didn’t launch with this app. However, Motorola has been working to bring this app to their more expensive clamshell folding device.

Users of the Motorola Razr Plus were disappointed to learn that the last update for their device didn’t bring this app. Well, the new update that is now rolling out not only brings this app but also other impressive features. The new update also brings software improvements to the Motorola Razr Plus.

As for the Moto Unplugged app, this is an app that helps users focus at certain times of the day. It’s quite similar to Focus Mode on Android, which also limits app usage at certain set times of the day. With this app coming to Motorola’s more expensive foldable device, users can block or limit notifications from distracting apps.

This is a productivity app that tons of users will come to love once they try it on their devices. Another app that this update is bringing to the Razr Plus is the Moto Connect app. Yet again, this is another productivity app that users who own an external monitor will come to love.

The Moto Connect app uses Motorola’s Ready For to connect the Razr Plus to an external display. From this display, users can operate their device without having to touch the device. So, editing files on your device with an external monitor is possible without having to send the file to other devices.

To spice things up Motorola also throws on some UI tweaks to this update. If you use the Moto Razr Plus smartphone, you are set to get this update soon. Head over to your system update page in settings and install this update to get more productive on your clamshell folding device.